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World Class Facilities

Multiple Convenient Fertility Center Locations

The Center for Advanced Reproductive Services primary location is our state-of-the-art fertility center which opened in Farmington, CT in January 2015. We also have offices in Hartford, New London, Branford, Springfield, MA and our newest location in Middlebury. 

These locations allow our patients to get most of their treatment closer to where they work or live…from the Connecticut Shoreline to New Haven, Waterbury, Danbury, the Berkshires, and from the “quiet corner” to the Litchfield Hills.

All of our fertility treatment locations have been designed for patient comfort and convenience. Each one is easily accessible from major highways and offer free parking. Our Farmington fertility center holds 20,000 square feet on two floors and features our highly advanced IVF laboratory.

State of the Art IVF Lab

The IVF laboratory was custom designed by our team of fertility experts and engineered by Alpha Environmental, Inc., a leader in environmental engineering for research and clinical labs. The project was expertly led by Alpha CEO and founder Antonia Gilligan, a world-renowned IVF lab expert with vast experience as a biologist, chemist, engineering manager and lab director.

Featuring an innovative air purification and irradiation technology called the LifeAire System, it has been designed to remediate all levels of airborne contaminants, inactivate biologicals and eliminate embryotoxic VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Data from in vitro fertilization programs using the revolutionary LifeAire System air purification technology demonstrates dramatic increases in clinical pregnancies through in vitro fertilization.

Combined, all of the innovative design, engineering and environmental solutions will assist the Center in achieving better embryo development, improved embryo implantation rates, and higher pregnancy rates by minimizing or eliminating the negative impact of toxic environmental factors along with an increased ability to maintain quality controls.

So what does all this advanced technology mean for our patients? It means we can offer them a better environment for embryo development, with higher embryo quality and a higher probability of success. With great tech and a highly personalized approach to care, it’s no wonder that patients who come to our center get the feeling that “success is in the air.” 

In our 25 years of testing IVF Lab air quality, we were surprised and pleased to see the results at The Center for Advanced Reproductive Services. It quite simply has the highest air quality of any IVF lab we have tested in the world. This is in part due to the design efforts of Alpha Environmental and the technology of the LifeAire System.