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Therapeutic Donor Insemination

Another advanced program we offer here at The Center is the Therapeutic Donor Insemination (TDI) Program. This option best serves couples experiencing severe male factor infertility – or couples where there is no male partner or sperm available. In couples where there is male factor infertility, the male partner may have a very low sperm count, sperm with poor motility, a previous vasectomy, or an absence of the testes or vas deferens, and the TDI Program would be recommended as treatment because it uses donated sperm. Other patients who benefit from this program include couples where both partners are carriers of certain types of genetic disorders or where the man is a carrier of a chromosomal abnormality such as balanced translocation. Single women and same sex couples may avail themselves to this program as well.

In the TDI process, patients and donors are carefully screened, medical and genetic history is carefully reviewed, and patients are counseled by our physicians and our psychologist. Donor sperm is chosen from a select list of sperm banks we have identified as meeting the highest standards with regard to good practice and quality of service. After patient testing is completed, donor sperm is introduced into the women’s uterus using a small catheter around the time of ovulation.

TDI is successful for many couples, depending on factors such as age and fertility history. Below are several documents that are key to the TDI program.

New Patient Information Packet – Donor Sperm Program

TDI Recipient History Screening Form

The Center’s Affiliated Sperm Banks

TDI OPK Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) FORM

15-Consent for Therapeutic Donor Insemination with Anonymous Donor. Download PDF.

16-Consent for Therapeutic Donor Insemination with Identified Donor Sperm. Download PDF.

17-Consent to the Use of Artificial Insemination (IUI ICI). Download PDF.

Notary Form. Download PDF.