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Nutrition and Weight Loss

For some women, weight issues may be a contributor to a fertility diagnosis or compromise their ability to receive the treatments they need. 

According to a Duke University study, being pregnant is like running a 40-week marathon in terms of energy expenditure. A typical 26.2 mile marathon requires months of planning, including good nutrition and many practice runs.

Similarly, when you are looking to get pregnant, it’s best to plan ahead. Food is a great place to start. What’s good for your health is also good for your fertility. Proper nutrition can help support:

Egg and sperm health
Reduced inflammatory markers
Increased chances for healthy ovulation
Lower stress and a more productive outlook
Balanced hormones
A healthy weight
A healthy pregnancy and delivery

How we can help

Ami Chokshi is a Functional & Integrative Nutrition Coach who helps you optimize your reproductive and overall health. Her approach prioritizes nutrition and supplementation that supports blood sugar regulation, nutrient density, and reduced pesticide exposure.

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