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Egg Freezing

Your fertility is precious and finite, and we understand how important it is to preserve it for as long as you can.

You can be optimally fertile, according to your biological clock, but it’s just not the right time for you to have children. There can may many different and very individual reasons to consider freezing your eggs, from medical conditions to career demands and many others.

Preserve your Fertility

Whatever the reason you’ve chosen to consider freezing your eggs, we can help you preserve your fertility. With your eggs safely preserved, you can take more control over your reproduction timing and have your children when the time is right for you.

Our fertility experts offer state of the art technologies in egg retrievals and storage of your frozen eggs. We also treat you with the highest level of skill and expertise in successfully using your frozen eggs when you’re ready to begin or resume your parenthood journey.

Our fertility experts can help you determine if freezing your eggs is a good option for you. Our practice is extremely responsive and accommodating when other medical interventions are involved, like cancer treatments with chemotherapy for instance. We get you in and onto the schedule quickly when time is of the essence.

Freezing your Eggs to Postpone Family Building

Female reproductive organs can put you in  a race against time when it comes to fertility. The number and quality of eggs starts to decrease even before we are born. Fertility can peak as early as our late twenties.

For many, this timeline is not in accordance with other life goals and aspirations such as career pursuits, travel, or establishing financial and relationship security. Freezing your eggs affords you the opportunity to build your family when you are ready.

How do you Get Started Freezing your Eggs?

The first step toward freezing your eggs is to have an initial fertility consult with one of our fertility experts. We’ll do a series of diagnostic evaluations and tests, to develop your individualized treatment plan.

How do you Retrieve and Freeze your Eggs?

To begin the process of freezing your eggs, we stimulate your ovaries to produce a maximum amount of eggs. Then we collect your eggs during a surgical procedure, evaluate them and freeze them in our laboratory. Once your eggs are frozen, they can be stored for many years. When you’re ready to use them, they are thawed by our experts and carefully examined to ensure they are ready for fertilization.

Patients undergoing chemotherapy or other treatments that impact fertility

For patients who produce sperm, the fertility preservation process consists of making an appointment at the Center to produce a semen sample for analysis and freezing. Your referring doctor (oncologist, primary care, etc.) will submit a requisition for this process and an urgent, time sensitive appointment can be made often within 24 hours.

Your semen sample will be evaluated by the laboratory professionals at the Center and will be frozen in as many vials as possible in order to maximize your future utilization. In some cases, we may recommend that you return to produce another sample so that we can freeze as many vials as possible. The results of your semen analysis and the number of stored vials will be communicated to you by your referring physician.

For patients who produce eggs, the fertility preservation process begins with a consult with one of our fertility experts. This appointment can usually occur within days of you or your doctor reaching out to us in order to expedite the process and not delay your treatments.

We will perform a series of diagnostic evaluations and then design an individualized treatment plan to stimulate your ovaries in order to produce as many eggs as possible for freezing. Your eggs will be collected during a surgical procedure, evaluated and frozen in our laboratory. Once frozen, they can be stored for many years and thawed when you are ready to use them.

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Our team has considerable experience in this wide range of advanced medical technologies, and also with the personalized care and support needed to start a family. We have been nationally recognized for our success, compassion and commitment.

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