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Integrated Health

HealthCircle brings together a holistic approach to fertility care. With HealthCircle, our goal is to help you enhance your fertility treatment plan with integrated programs that are meaningful, relevant and personal. It’s a full circle approach combining several unique programs to complement your fertility experience. These programs include:


An ancient Chinese medicine treatment, acupuncture relies on the strategic (and painless!) placement of tiny needles to stimulate certain key “energy points” believed to regulate spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical balance. And, for many women, both pre and post-embryo transfer acupuncture have been shown to help with fertility in many ways. We are pleased to have Helen BetGivargis, licensed acupuncturist and former IVF embryologist, offer treatments at the Center, benefiting both women and men undergoing fertility treatment.

Certified Health Coach

There are many factors that can impact your fertility, some beyond your control, such as medical concerns. Lifestyle choices can affect your fertility as well. Our certified Health Coach and former fertility patient, Ami Chokshi, will work with you to assess your situation and create a customized plan to aid in your fertility success, guiding you in the right direction with the resources, programs and support you need.

Yoga for Optimal Fertility

While stress may not be the singular cause of you can use to reduce anxiety and cope. Taught by a registered yoga teacher and former fertility patient, Carissa Spada, the classes require no previous yoga experience and all levels of yoga are included for every body.

Fertility Massage Therapy

Fertility massage therapy is designed to enhance potential conception while nurturing and relaxing body and mind. Whether you are using this to support assisted reproductive technologies, intending to start family building soon, or are currently trying to conceive, this time together can be extremely nurturing and supporting.

Nutrition and Weight Loss

For some women weight issues may be a contributor to their fertility diagnosis or compromise their ability to receive medically designed program that will teach you how you can lose weight steadily without going hungry by eating real food among with protein supplements. The program includes a personalized approach to setting weight loss goals, based on your health profile.


Dealing with fertility issues can be tough. We want to support you in all possible ways. We offer many individual and group solutions that can help overcome fertility obstacles, provide relief from emotional stress, and support and guide you on making the best decisions for treatment. The Center’s highly trained psychologist, Kim Crone, PhD, helps our patients cope with the stresses of infertility and better deal with emotional, ethical and legal issues through education as well as mind-body cognitive-behavioral counseling. 


Meditation provides real stress-relieving benefits, in addition to its ability to help one focus on being fully present. This ability can help to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and provide a sense of calm. Helen Bet Givargis, our acupuncturist and former embryologist, has created a video series to help patients understand how meditation can help during the family building journey. 

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