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Genetic Carrier Screening

Recently, Melissa Cole from WFSB visited the Center in Farmington to learn more about genetic screening and why it’s important if you’re looking to conceive.
In this story, the father was born with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease. Through the process of genetic screening, they were able to make sure that their future children would not have CF. “With this process, we could avoid passing on any of the cystic fibrosis complications to our daughter.”
According to Dr. Prachi Godiwala, “genetic carrier screening is an essential part of family planning. A carrier is typically healthy, has no outward signs of disease, and may not even know they have it. Genetic screening is recommended for all patients. If we find that both parents have the gene, they can do preimplantation genetic testing to have a child without that disease.”
Watch the full story here:

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